Integrative Medicine

This is a medicine that uses all methods and makes you stay healthy and in shape. If you want to have an ideal healthy life and a speedy recovery if something happens, give us a call.

Functional and integrative medicine lexington ky aims to put together what is best in conventional medicine and the treatments that new and modern medicine has. This is based on a health model. Functional and integrative medicine tries to discover the cause of the disease and to solve the causes and to minimize the use of drugs. Sometimes drugs have a bad effect on the body and have side effects.

Functional And Integrative Medicine Lexington KY

We provide and advise integrative dietary conditions that address your health. We always tell you that food is the best medicine and the doctor claims that diet can improve your health. You can reach ideal vitality, and when a person is obese, it can increase blood cholesterol, weaken the bones in their legs, and weaken their heart, get diabetes, and many other diseases. You have to take small steps that lead to a big change, which is lasting and positive. You can take care of your health, take in a large number of vitamins, and take care of your mental health, which has a great impact on the whole organism. When you get nervous you can have nervous bowels, your blood sugar varies and you have blood fat.

Functional and integrative medicine lexington ky always finds a way to advise you and show you the right path to health, as few drugs as possible to use if possible.