From One-Floor House To Two-Floor House!

If you want to make more room in your house, but you do not want to join two rooms into a big one, then you should consider going up. What does this exactly mean? Well, if you are allowed to build onto and change your house, then you should hear our proposal. With a simple solution, we can give you more room, and you will love this solution. We can remove your old roof, and make you an additional floor.

Essex Loft Conversion Company

Essex loft conversion company allows you to use the full potential of the house, without disrupting the original construction. Why do we choose to go up? Well, we can have better control over the construction, and going up a floor gives more stability. We will take just one look at the blueprints of your house, and then we can tell you where the second floor can go. Depending on the electrical installations, and plumbing system, we can pick the perfect segment for the second floor. We can build one room, or we can build an entire floor. If you decide to get one entirely new floor, then we can build a staircase on the outer part of the house, making this new floor into a separate apartment!

This is one of the best reasons that you can have to buy a house. When you have your property, you can do whatever you want. If you decide to get one-floor house, then that will be a cheap investment, and then after several years, you can upgrade it with our service!